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side of the day: Little Wings July 31, 2007

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Visual artist and lo-fi folk hero Kyle Field will release his new album Soft Power through Rad Records in early August. Rad is a new imprint of Marriage Records, with Field at the helm. Todays side, Gone Again, is all tender musings, perfect for a summer Tuesday. Take a look at the Marriage Records website for more about this release, some new artwork by Field, and some tour dates, hopefully soon.

Little Wings, Gone Again
Little Wings, Scuby

download: Gone Again
download: Scuby


Video: Tegan & Sara, Back In Your Head July 30, 2007

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Tegan & Sara’s new video from their latest album, The Con, released last week on Sire.


side of the day: Lightning Dust

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Lightning Dust is Amber Webber and Joshua Wells of Canadaian space-rock band Black Mountain, only a little softer, and a little bit moodier. Todays track, Listen On, can be found on their self-titled album, released this month by Jagjaguwar.

download: listened on


side of the day= Grizzly Bear + Girl Talk + Clipse July 27, 2007

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Generally not a big fan of remixes, I let this one stew in my library for a while before making a post of it. Sometimes, with a remix, one can get swept up fast and leave with a slightly dull aftertaste. But Girl Talk almost always does an interesting job, and I like this remix of Grizzly Bear’s The Knife very much. Also take a listen to GB’s cover of Yes classic Owner Of A Lonely Heart.

Grizzly Bear, The Knife (Girl Talk Remix w/Clipse)
Grizzly Bear, The Knife (original)
Grizzly Bear, Owner Of A Lonely Heart (cover)

download: The Knife (Girl Talk)

download: The Knife (original)

download: Owner Of A Lonely Heart (cover)

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side of the day: Sissy Wish July 26, 2007

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Sissy Wish released her third album Beauties Never Die earlier this year in Norway. No word on a US release, but look for a new video soon. Today’s side is DWTS; I really like what I am hearing from Miss Wish (I hope it’s ‘Miss’ anyway), so I have posted a few more tracks, and the previously released making of-ish video to Closer.

Sissy Wish, DWTS
Sissy Wish, Beauties Never Die
Sissy Wish, Yayaya
Video for the very catchy Closer.

Download: DWTS

Also Download: Beauties Never Die
Also Download: Yayaya


side of the day: Battles July 25, 2007

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Todays side, Leyendecker, comes from Battles first full length release, Mirrored. I obsessed a little bit about the albums first single, Atlas, so you’ll find the video below. Mirrored was released by Warped Records in May. Battles will be in Europe for the rest of the summer, with a few US dates scattered between.

Battles, Leyendecker

Battles, Atlas (Video):

Download: Battles: Leyendecker


side of the day: Múm July 24, 2007

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Dancing Behind My Eyelids is taken from forthcoming album, Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy, due out September 25 on FatCat Records. Both Valtýsdóttir sisters have left the band, and now only Gunnar Örn Tynes and Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason remain of the original four, although they are accompanied by a large live musical entourage. Below is todays side, Dancing Behind My Eyelids, and the wonderful video from last album’s Green Grass Of Tunnel.

Múm, Dancing Behind My Eyelids
video, Green Grass of Tunnel

Download: Dancing Behind My Eyelids