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side of the day=Taken By Trees + The Tough Alliance August 30, 2007

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taken by trees

Sweden’s The Tough Alliance hit the US scene this summer, floating around blogs with records still only available on import. When you dig a little deeper into the alliance, you find bat swinging stage shows and a obscure hooliganistic demeanor. Whatever that is all about, they’ve found the secret sauce for the Swedish indie-scene and have caught attention in the states. TTA’s remix of Taken Too Young adds warm elecro-tropical air to ex-Concretes singer Victoria Bergsman’s solo project, Taken By Trees.

Taken By Trees & The Tough Alliance, Taken Too Young (Remix)

download: Taken Too Young

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One Response to “side of the day=Taken By Trees + The Tough Alliance”

  1. Avant Says:

    actually, TTA’s New Waves EP has been released by SLU in North America…more to come I believe

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