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side of the day: Johan Agebjorn August 31, 2007

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johan agebjorn

Johan Agebjorn is the man behind Sally Shapiro’s very cool and much praised album Disco Romance. Spacer Woman From Mars was originally intended for Disco Romance, but was left off because they thought it didn’t quite fit the rest of the material. The track will be included in a Lo Recordings release titled Milky Disco, due out September 17th.

Johan Agebjorn, Spacer Woman From Mars (ft. Sally Shapiro)

download: Spacer Woman From Mars (ft Sally Shapiro)

website: Johan Agebjorn

website: lo recordings

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  1. […] version, also, two other new tracks are promised. Working with writer/producer Johan Agebjorn (see previous), Sally’s music has always reached out to the past. This song fits well in the original […]

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