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side of the day: Hoax Funeral September 26, 2007

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hoax funeral

Hoax Funeral is creating a small stir in UK indie-folk circles; getting airplay on Radio 1 & 2, and a write-up in this months Q Magazine. But they are essentially a DIY outfit, creating a label called Sacred Cow to release their debut Pour Away The Ocean. You would expect to find todays track Melting (Into Corners) in a mid-west open mike in it’s arangement, but we hear a small celtic motion in the vocal stream. It reflects the make-up of the band, with American singer/songwriter Anjy Hall leading the band through their international folk influences, and finding some interesting musical points from the UK/US traditions.

Hoax Funeral, Melting (Into Corners)

Hoax Funeral, Amsterdam

download: Melting (Into Corners)
download: Amsterdam

More streaming and buying info on myspace.


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