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side of the day: New Buffalo September 27, 2007

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New Buffalo’s (aka Sally Seltmann) second album got its North American release late last month through Arts and Crafts. By co-writing Feists single 1-2-3-4, Seltmann’s work has been getting a lot of exposure lately, lets hope some name recognition will follow.

Native of Melbourne Australia, Sally moved to the coast to record Somewhere, Anywhere. You can hear echo’s of that on todays track Emotional Champ. The bed has an almost Enya texture to it, but that shouldn’t scare you off. It’s engrossing production that provides a great bed for Seltmann’s hooks.

New Buffalo will be playing US dates beginning in October with label-mates Stars (east coast) and Kevin Drew (west).

New Buffalo, Emotional Champ

New Buffalo, City and Sea (Lady Nameless)

download: Emotional Champ
download: City and Sea (Lady Nameless)

New Buffalo’s website and myspace page.

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