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side of the day: Carol Bui October 2, 2007

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I wasn’t surprised to find a Throwing Muses mention on Carol Bui’s website, it’s really one of the first things I thought of as soon as I heard todays side, “1”. Not that I would describe her songwriting as similar to Kristen Hersh of the ’90’s, but they are at times working from a similar no-frills rock environs. “1” can be downright hard, in the melodic sense; strong guitars and low strings to draw and fill out the lines.

Everyone Wore White is Carol’s second full length, and is out today on 54º 40′ or Fight!

Carol Bui, 1

Carol Bui, The Year After

download: “1”
download: The Year After

Follow to Carol’s website and myspace page.


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