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side of the day: Black Affair October 10, 2007

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Photo: Jimmy Edgar

Former Beta Band frontman and creative center Steve Mason will release his first full length under the moniker ‘Black Affair’ this month on UK’s V2 records. Streams and downloads have been trickling on and off his myspace page, including one I really like Japanese Happening. Todays side, Tak! Attack! shows his old hand at arcade beatbox, a good fit with his early fall tourmates New Young Pony Club. The full album drops October 22nd (in the UK), check out his Go! Team remix, and a link to more streaming below.

Black Affair, Tak! Attack!

Black Affair/The Go! Team, Grip Like A Vice (remix)

download: Tak! Attack!

download: Grip Like A Vice (remix)

myspace/V2 Music (UK)

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