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digression: Happy Hula Hippo & Blonde Redhead August 6, 2007

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I have, for a long time, tried to articulate what I do with my free time. This is pretty close, only I don’t have any kind of video camera.

This video for Blonde Redhead’s Top Ranking, is related. This is from their excellent album 23, released earlier this year.


Video: Tegan & Sara, Back In Your Head July 30, 2007

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Tegan & Sara’s new video from their latest album, The Con, released last week on Sire.


Mashups: Daft Punk & Kayne West + Hands July 12, 2007

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Kayne West’s new video for Stronger hit the net a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn’t help posting a few other Daft Punk inspired mashups. They have been kicking around and amusing me for quite a while now.

Daft Hands

Daft Hands 2, truly impressive.


Side of the Day: You Say Party! We Say Die! July 10, 2007

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Canada based dance-punk band You Say Party! We Say Die released their second album Lose All Time on Toronto’s Paper Bag Records this spring. Although banned from performing in the US for visa reasons for the next five years, you can still take a jaunt over the border to maple leaf country to catch them on stage, or you can just listed to todays side, Monster, and watch the most interesting video that accompanies. I like the dancing, and the muppet.

and the video



The Joy of Theremin July 2, 2007

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I have been putting off investigating the theremin, despite all the attention they have been getting, I can’t get the Star Trek theme out of my head whenever I hear one.

I was struck when I watched this, I’m not sure I would know if it was a theremin and not a singer if I wasn’t seeing, at least for a minute or so. If you miss the creepiness, just focus on the stare.

Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise

Other Theremin goodness:
Clara Rockmore, “The Swan” (Saint-SaĆ«ns), & “Air” (Mattheson)
Lydia Kavina, “Claire de Lune” (Debussy)
Other YouTube, Legend of Zelda