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side of the day: Letters Letters October 3, 2007

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Montreal/Chicago trio Letters Letters will release their first Album Oct. 12 through UK based Type Records. Want To is a playful song, a tease almost, like I’m being cooed from the dark of some roller-rink. She is talking to some dudes with their denim cuffed high. They have better glasses than me… but not much better.

Letters Letters, Want To

download: Want To



side of the day: Carol Bui October 2, 2007

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I wasn’t surprised to find a Throwing Muses mention on Carol Bui’s website, it’s really one of the first things I thought of as soon as I heard todays side, “1”. Not that I would describe her songwriting as similar to Kristen Hersh of the ’90’s, but they are at times working from a similar no-frills rock environs. “1” can be downright hard, in the melodic sense; strong guitars and low strings to draw and fill out the lines.

Everyone Wore White is Carol’s second full length, and is out today on 54º 40′ or Fight!

Carol Bui, 1

Carol Bui, The Year After

download: “1”
download: The Year After

Follow to Carol’s website and myspace page.


side of the day: José González October 1, 2007

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Fold has the kind of melody that most singer-songwriters live for. Straightforward and simple, José has a voice and style that vaguely reminds me British guitar icon Burt Jansch. His playing is not quite as slippery or refined as Burt though,  José’s playing is more aggressive than the classical tinged folk players of the ’60’s. José González’s highly anticipated 2nd full length, In Our Nature was released last week in the US through Mute Records. He will play dates in the US touring for the first half of October, then head to the UK.

José González, Fold

José González, Killing For Love

download: Fold
download: Killing For Love


side of the day: Jonquil September 28, 2007

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Lions is a final scene kind of song. Like at the end of the movie, the guy scans everything that has happened, everything that he has; new revelation is had. Camera pans from his point of view.

And it’s got to have some nature in it. I guess maybe a few lions.

Jonquil will release their second album October 8th on Uk’s Try Harder Records. Not sure if their distro covers the US or not.

Jonquil, Lions

Jonquil, Sudden Sun

download: Lions
download: Sudden Sun


side of the day: New Buffalo September 27, 2007

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New Buffalo’s (aka Sally Seltmann) second album got its North American release late last month through Arts and Crafts. By co-writing Feists single 1-2-3-4, Seltmann’s work has been getting a lot of exposure lately, lets hope some name recognition will follow.

Native of Melbourne Australia, Sally moved to the coast to record Somewhere, Anywhere. You can hear echo’s of that on todays track Emotional Champ. The bed has an almost Enya texture to it, but that shouldn’t scare you off. It’s engrossing production that provides a great bed for Seltmann’s hooks.

New Buffalo will be playing US dates beginning in October with label-mates Stars (east coast) and Kevin Drew (west).

New Buffalo, Emotional Champ

New Buffalo, City and Sea (Lady Nameless)

download: Emotional Champ
download: City and Sea (Lady Nameless)

New Buffalo’s website and myspace page.

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side of the day: Hoax Funeral September 26, 2007

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hoax funeral

Hoax Funeral is creating a small stir in UK indie-folk circles; getting airplay on Radio 1 & 2, and a write-up in this months Q Magazine. But they are essentially a DIY outfit, creating a label called Sacred Cow to release their debut Pour Away The Ocean. You would expect to find todays track Melting (Into Corners) in a mid-west open mike in it’s arangement, but we hear a small celtic motion in the vocal stream. It reflects the make-up of the band, with American singer/songwriter Anjy Hall leading the band through their international folk influences, and finding some interesting musical points from the UK/US traditions.

Hoax Funeral, Melting (Into Corners)

Hoax Funeral, Amsterdam

download: Melting (Into Corners)
download: Amsterdam

More streaming and buying info on myspace.


side of the day: Alberta Cross September 25, 2007

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Alberta Cross’ new album The Thief And The Heartbreaker hit the stores a couple of weeks ago, and has been getting a lot of blog coverage. Lucy Rider definitely nods in the direction of CSNY, a comparison I make frequently of late, as more and more indie releases are seeped in ’70s influenced rock. The London duo will be playing several dates at CMJ this October, so if your in New York you have a choice of nights to catch them live. Myspace is below for extra sampling, and check out the video below.

Alberta Cross, Lucy Rider

Alberta Cross, The Thief And The Heartbreaker

download: Lucy Rider
download: The Thief The Heartbreaker

Visit Alberta Cross on myspace.